Posted: Jan 11, 2022

English Department Chair

Application Deadline: N/A

Position Purpose

The English department chair oversees the 5th-12th grade English faculty and works in collaboration with the Lower, Middle, and Upper School division heads. In addition, the chair teaches three Middle or Upper School classes and serves as an advisor to approximately 10 students. A department chair at SCH Academy is responsible for planning, implementing, supervising, and evaluating a 5th grade to 12th grade program that supports the mission, goals, and continuous improvement of the school.


Essential Functions

Grades 5–12 Curriculum Leadership

  • Works collaboratively to establish a rigorous, sequential curriculum.
  • Articulates departmental strategies in achieving the mission and goals of the school by setting objectives, assessments, and policies in consultation with the members of the department.
  • Attends the department chairs’ meeting each week. Contributes agenda items and shares responses to school initiatives. Communicates topics from the department chairs’ meeting to department members when appropriate. 
  • The department chair is a consultant for PK–4 curriculum.


Department Leadership

  • Models reflective practice, professional growth, and continued scholarship for department members.
  • Communicates information to department members relating to planning, curriculum development and assessment, resources, facilities, and activities. 
  • Coordinates the teaching objectives, materials, methods, and means of assessment used by each teacher within the department; maintains records relating to standardized test scores and course grades in department courses.
  • Convenes regularly scheduled department meetings:
  • Plans, publicizes, and conducts the English Department meetings once per cycle; emails agenda to department members and division heads. 
  • Shares agendas and minutes with the Head of Upper School and Middle School.
  • Evaluates continuously and supports the performance of each teacher in the department, culminating in an annual evaluation conference with performance assessments and shared goals. Supervision includes:
  • Regular meetings with new teachers.
  • Visits to classrooms.
  • Overall supervision of the professional growth for each teacher in the department (an experience outside of school at least once in three years).
  • Conducting, with the appropriate division head, full-scale evaluations of faculty members (see faculty evaluation protocol).
  • Working with teachers who need support.
  • Arranges for departmental substitutes in accordance with the school’s substitute policy.
  • In collaboration with Division Heads, leads searches for candidates to fill vacancies within the department.
  • Develops a job description, reviews resumes, and confirms required credentials for the position with the respective division head; conducts preliminary interviews by phone; organizes schedules for candidates.
  • Orders equipment, textbooks, and educational technology needed for departmental classrooms and related space.
  • Supervises use and appearance of bulletin boards/gallery/common spaces related to the department.
  • Oversees departmental budget and checks monthly printouts, discussing needs and problems with the Business Office.


General Program Support

  • Submits staffing and course offerings for the upcoming school year.
  • Organizes and submits sectioning requests in the spring for the upcoming school year.
  • Represents the department at various school events, e.g., open houses, transition evenings, and award evenings.
  • Stays abreast of standardized test results. Works with department members, division heads, and the Director of College Counseling to analyze scores, making adjustments in program as appropriate.
  • Periodically reviews the library collection to assess pertinence to curriculum and to recommend materials for possible acquisition.
  • Recommends summer projects and programs to students interested in the discipline.
  • Works with the division head and Development Office to publicize the scholarship and endeavors of the department. Provides new items for the website, Chestnut Hill Local, and other publications.
  • Supports the school and its leadership.
  • Performs additional duties as assigned by the Head of School and Division Heads. 



  • Master’s degree or post-graduate work in subject matter and/or educational administration.
  • A minimum of five years of teaching and administration experience in an independent school environment.
  • Demonstrated sensitivity, knowledge, and understanding of the diverse backgrounds of community members with a continuous focus on healthy relationship building.
  • Demonstrated deep understanding of cultural competency skills and enthusiasm for issues of diversity, inclusivity, and multiculturalism.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership and facilitative skills. 


How To Apply:

Application Procedure

Interested candidates, please e-mail a cover letter, resume, statement of educational philosophy, and contact information for three references to [email protected].